The Power Within


“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack!”                                                    ~~Anonymous~~

Not very long ago, I had a heart to heart with a friend which opened up my eyes. I was in a really happy phase of life then – perfect job, perfect love life, friends for life. I had the confidence that comes with being in the happy zone.

As I was sitting there, in the lobby of our hotel, waiting for my colleagues to join me, I felt like connecting to one particular friend of mine. We hadn’t spoken in a while, but she is one of those friends who you are always connected to even through long dry spells. After the general banter I soon realised that I didn’t feel the same energy coming from her. She is atleast 20 yrs my senior, working, independent lady, married and happy. Atleast that’s what I thought. On probing further little by little this amazingly beautiful person that I knew started to open up about the darkness in her life.

It was then that she told me that she had separated from her husband a few years ago. She lived alone with her daughter while the son lived with the father. She independently raised her daughter and slogged between jobs to put her daughter through school and college. But that’s not where her ordeal was bad. The worst part about all this was the ordeal her husband and son put her through day in and day out even after separating.

For my friend to separate from her husband was a very bold and risky step as she had no job, no source of income and no support system as her husband had pulverised her confidence over the years of their marriage.But once out she realised that wasn’t her only hardship. Whenever she tried to apply for a job her husband made sure it went away somehow. He bad mouthed her everywhere she tried to go – whether for job or to stay with her daughter. And worse for her a lot of men tried taking advantage of her in disguise of being her well wishers.

But today after years of taking abuse and living in the shadow of darkness, I don’t see a shade of grief. Everytime I see her, I see this beautiful woman, so full of hope and love! And I wondered out loud to her, “How do you manage to be so radiant and positive?” And her answer was quite simple really, she said,”I chose to feel radiant and positive! That’s the only choice I have in life.” 

That summed up everything for me. It’s not your present life that decides your reality, it’s your outlook on life. What you feel within shows in every action of yours and sets ahead your future. So don’t let your present life decide what or who you are and where you want to go. Do things with love and be love. 



The One Trick To Not Caring About What People Think

I have been struggling with this concept for a long time with someone who even I know shouldn’t hold that much of power over my life. I am trying very hard to dilute this effect and soon shall worried only about WHAT I THINK and HOW I FEEL about MY LIFE 🙂

Thought Catalog

A handful of you are already stating with rebellious pride that you’ve never cared about what other people have thought. For the moment, let’s all agree to ignore that bit of self-denial and contend with reality: you do care about what people think.

And before you start telling me that you don’t care about what “I” think with your middle fingers set from stun to kill, let me agree with you. You probably don’t. My judgement of your personality flaws and life experiences might not mean anything to “you”. To someone else though, my judgement means the world. To someone else, my opinion of them matters. Perhaps even greatly.

Once again contending with reality, I want you to think of the person you “do” care about. It’s easy to claim you don’t care about what strangers think, or what your loosely-connected social network thinks so, please, stop…

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Gratitude and Hope

Happiness Evangelist

Ugadi (Gudipadwa in Maharashtra, Bihu in Assam, Kolla Versham in Kerala, Baisakhi in Punjab) marks the beginning of a new age. It is marked by eating a dish with six tastes (Bevu-Bella in Kannada), symbolizing the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences, which should be accepted with equanimity.


  • Jaggery and ripe banana pieces for sweetness, signifying happiness
  • Neem Buds/Flowers for its bitterness, signifying sadness
  • Salt for saltiness, signifying fear
  • Green Chilli/Pepper for its hot taste, signifying anger
  • Tamarind Juice for its sourness, signifying disgust
  • Unripened Mango for its tang, signifying surprise

As we stand on the threshold of a (S)milestone, a new financial year, let us look back on the year gone by with gratitude and look forward to the year ahead with enthusiasm, confidence and hope.

Happy Ugadi to you and your families.

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Karan Johar’s Outlook

This guy is way out of my circle and not being one for gossip and drama(all the things Karan Johar) I don’t really follow him. But reading his opinion in today’s Times Life edition I was surprised at the clear headed guy that he is!


“Build Yourself  Up Internally,” he says.

Don’t allow people to get to you. Your life is all about you. Some days, you are going to be alone. Other days, your immediate family will be your support system. But don’t expect too much from people. Expectations equal disappointment. Try and build yourself up internally. Attain strength, and see to it that you are self-driven. Once you achieve that, you will be the happiest person in the world. Some people chant, other go for Art of Living courses, personally, I seek my inner strength and the teachings and beliefs of my father. That has helped me. I lived by his emotional legacy, more than anything else.