In today’s hum-drum of life even 24 hours seem like either 24 years or 24 minutes, really depends on your perspective. Time either runs too fast or too slow. Time Management has become very critical for us today and very few of us know how to make the best of it. So I came up with a simple habit where I could take some time out of my life to get out of the daily rut and systematically use limited time. I call it the power of an HOUR.

I have a very hectic schedule that involves a lot of overseas travel. During these travels there is very little time to either work out or concentrate on a diet or read; all things I wish to be doing. But the most frustrating thing for me was I never had the time to learn anything new. It was just work and home for me for quite a few years. I would always take gym membership, go for a couple of days and feel all liberated from the dogma. But soon I would have to fly on a trip for 20 days and my gym stint gets nipped in the bud. I have always wanted to learn new languages; I have all the new apps to make learning easy on the go, fancy reading and audio material but what I never have is time. When I am home my work hours are almost 12 hours and on trips, it can be anything between 12-16 hours. Crazy right?

So I started feeling like my life was wasting away in front of me I had to do something about it. My job was one of the best anybody could ask for, who gets to travel and gets paid for it? I couldn’t quit it. I was the youngest in one of the most senior positions so I couldn’t cut my long hours. So I decided to do the best I could in the remaining hours. It requires a little shift in your lifestyle but increases your productivity like crazy. At least it did for me. I started taking an HOUR from this hum-drum life to do whatever I wanted to pursue and it has been amazing for me.

So on a routine day where I would wake up at 7 am, I started waking up at 6 am. It’s not that difficult to try it. With that extra hour, I would reach my work pumped to start something creative or new. So I realized this is like a precious thing for me so I had to plan better. I broke my aspirations into days and made a simple schedule for me to follow. So a couple of things I had on my mind were – Start reading, start blogging, start learning Italian, take up an MBA course, and of course the aspirational – exercise. These are a lot of things to fit in a day so I broke them up into tiny manageable goals and all within 1 hour.

I kept to a 5-day week system and kept each day for one activity. I shifted and shuffled until I got the right mix that worked for me but I kept at it! I kept one day of exercise in the middle of the week or around Thursday and Saturday & Sunday was for me to decide(hey, I went from absolutely no exercise to at least once and then thrice a week!). You need to realize this is nothing but the act of forming habits and once these schedules sink into your mind there is no activity that you cannot incorporate and indulge in. For me strictly once a week I was reading, strictly once a week I was learning Italian, strictly once a week I was blogging out a post, strictly once a week I was focusing on my MBA course. Eventually, I removed a couple of things or reduced a couple things to give more focus on another activity but the point being I STARTED!

The reason it worked best for me was that I chose my environment right. My office is completely and totally empty an hour before the office timings. This gave me a quiet place sans of any kind of distractions to learning, think and progress with all that I wished to do. I kept my Saturdays and Sundays free to repeat any of the activities as per the importance level. Since then I started this 3 months ago and since then I have read at least 15 books, I have written a lot of blogs that I now can fine-tune and start posting, I have made a little headway in my Italian(Buongiorno!!) and I have given my first semester exams of Retail Management, the exercise bit…erm..still working on it.

In case somebody loves cooking but has no time for it, why not use this hour to experiment with a delicious breakfast or lunch for yourself. If you always wanted to learn yoga or meditation, why not? Mornings are the best time for it. The sky is the limit to what you would like to do in that one hour – jog, do crafts, take an online course, research about the stock market, work on an educational deliverable, make your own youtube channel and video. All it takes is consistent effort and determination. You will be amazed at the results at the end of how you managed to do so much in so little time.

The reason I insist that this hour be taken from your morning is for various reasons, but most importantly so that you cannot procrastinate. When you are done with that one-hour first thing in the morning you get a sense of achievement that helps you drive your entire day. Also, the mind generally is more perceptive and alert in the mornings and gives you the best results of your efforts. Your productivity generally is very high in the morning. The reason I am saying generally so much is that I am aware that a whole bunch of people out there are not morning people. This exercise can be done at any time of the day you feel comfortable with but it is important to stick with it.

So guys, try this easy technique to maximize your capacity and to maximize your day. It takes a little bit of lifestyle change like sleeping an hour early probably, partying a little less, most importantly waking up a little earlier than your body is used to. But like I said, it’s nothing but making a habit and as we know habits take only 21 days of follow-through and then they are a part of your system. If you have a busy schedule like mine this is the best way to at least get started on all the things you wish you had been doing or learned to do. Do let me know if it worked for you!

The Girl In The Mirror


There’s this girl I came to know as a kid. She wasn’t one to stand out in crowd and I have a feeling she liked it that way. She had lovely dark brown eyes set in a very beautiful, cherub-like face. Her smile, oh, such a heart melting smile she had. But unfortunately she often had a serious, sad look on her face, her blinding smile was a rare affair. Looking into her eyes, I could see a sea of sadness. What was she so sad about? We never really knew, cuz she never really spoke. Her contribution to any group discussion was a nod, a half smile or a monosyllable. But I knew, she had a lot to say…probably so much that she could never put them into words in time.

I was often intrigued by this girl. I would see her gaze wander into oblivion so often, like what was happening around her held no importance to her. Our childish games of make belief didn’t impress her much. But it seemed like she was stuck, there was no where else she could go. She was a girl, grown up too fast. Although she was only 10, she became a sound board for all our qualms, as petty as they were. She seemed to really listen, absorb. never interrupting us once until she felt we needed her opinion.

Being as she was we often forgot she would need us too. It wasn’t easy to get her to talk about herself but somewhere we forgot it wasn’t impossible either. We soon grew used to having her in our lives just the way she was, quiet and always ready to hear us out. We realized too late that the strong 10 year old girl needed from us what she gave so freely to others. She needed friends that took time to help turn her million thoughts a second brain to calm down, help her put her deepest thoughts into words, put her deepest worries to rest. Somehow it didn’t feel like our job then. But today when I think about her, I am intrigued as to what must have happened to her today. Is she still the quiet, timid little girl? Or has she grown up to be one of the wisest minds and is still putting the world around her out of their miseries while not uttering a word about her often miserable life.

I still wonder from where did she get the strength to be this strong…so together when clearly her world was falling apart. Did she not trust us enough to let out her deepest secrets? Why was she so attached to her grief that she didn’t want to feel better? What experiences cause a 10 year old to behave like a 30 year old? Is it possible to feel that kind of grief in such a short span of life. I guess I will never have my questions answered as I was too late to probe. I just hope wherever she is, she has found peace and happiness and someone to share it with. No one should be that serious about life, especially not a kid.


The Power Within


“Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack!”                                                    ~~Anonymous~~

Not very long ago, I had a heart to heart with a friend which opened up my eyes. I was in a really happy phase of life then – perfect job, perfect love life, friends for life. I had the confidence that comes with being in the happy zone.

As I was sitting there, in the lobby of our hotel, waiting for my colleagues to join me, I felt like connecting to one particular friend of mine. We hadn’t spoken in a while, but she is one of those friends who you are always connected to even through long dry spells. After the general banter I soon realised that I didn’t feel the same energy coming from her. She is atleast 20 yrs my senior, working, independent lady, married and happy. Atleast that’s what I thought. On probing further little by little this amazingly beautiful person that I knew started to open up about the darkness in her life.

It was then that she told me that she had separated from her husband a few years ago. She lived alone with her daughter while the son lived with the father. She independently raised her daughter and slogged between jobs to put her daughter through school and college. But that’s not where her ordeal was bad. The worst part about all this was the ordeal her husband and son put her through day in and day out even after separating.

For my friend to separate from her husband was a very bold and risky step as she had no job, no source of income and no support system as her husband had pulverised her confidence over the years of their marriage.But once out she realised that wasn’t her only hardship. Whenever she tried to apply for a job her husband made sure it went away somehow. He bad mouthed her everywhere she tried to go – whether for job or to stay with her daughter. And worse for her a lot of men tried taking advantage of her in disguise of being her well wishers.

But today after years of taking abuse and living in the shadow of darkness, I don’t see a shade of grief. Everytime I see her, I see this beautiful woman, so full of hope and love! And I wondered out loud to her, “How do you manage to be so radiant and positive?” And her answer was quite simple really, she said,”I chose to feel radiant and positive! That’s the only choice I have in life.”

That summed up everything for me. It’s not your present life that decides your reality, it’s your outlook on life. What you feel within shows in every action of yours and sets ahead your future. So don’t let your present life decide what or who you are and where you want to go. Do things with love and be love.

The Wonder Raise – Not Exactly a Surprise


So in continuation to my initial post about how I manifested my dream job offer, comes this one! So there were many reasons why I decided to not take the chocolate cake with cherry topping. The one that topped the list was that I didn’t feel I had exhausted all learning opportunities that my current job had to offer. So when I decided to stay back I was happy with the opportunities I was getting in my job but the pay in comparison to what I was offered now seemed low. This made me wonder how much more I could have done with that kind of money(I must admit…most of it would have just gone into savings…but quite a bit of it would have been used for my love for travelling). So instead of sulking I decided to manifest! I wrote an increment letter to myself with the exact hike I desired to get. I calculated all aspects of my variables and decided to make it very believable. I photoshoped signatures on it, printed it on on letterhead of my company through my office printer ( I was really scared someone might read it before me, but that was such a “cheap thrill” like rush!)

So with this printed, fake yet believable appraisal letter tucked away nicely in an envelope branded with my company logo and my name, I would travel everywhere. I kept it in any handbag I chose to travel with. Every morning on my way to work I would read the appraisal letter. If I am travelling with someone I would read it on my phone. And this slowly got the belief in me that it is surely and absolutely possible for me to have exactly all those things I had listed out in the letter.

And finally, less than a month later I was called in by my boss to discuss my appraisal. And I opened the letter with such an excitement to see how I had favored in my belief. And to my absolute delight there it was! The exact figure that I had wished as my appraisal. Although the designation came in the next appraisal. But what I really wanted I got immediately 🙂 Keep believing in what you desire! It’s as simple as that!

Next up —> How I welcomed LOVE into my life





So the Diwali Season is upon us! And everybody is out to redo their homes, appliance, uplift their wardrobes into more celebratory ones and basically feel all new! So i have decided to give all you guys out there some pointers on the hottest new products to consider for your homes this Diwali Season. First Edition starts with MIRCOWAVES! What with all the baking of sweets and heating of yum yuuuum food required, I thought that’s a good way to start shortlisting for steal deals during Diwali Offers that are sure to come up! So here goes:

  1. IFB 23BC4 23-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Black/Floral Design)


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2. Morphy Richards 25CG with 200 ACM 25-Litre Convection Microwave (Silver)


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3. Godrej GME 25GP1 MKM 25-Litre Grill Microwave Oven


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4. LG MC-2143BPP 21-Litre 800-Watt Convection Microwave Oven (Red Dancing Floral)


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5. Kenstar KJ25CSG150 25-Litre Convection Microwave Oven (Silver)


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The Wonder Back Cushion




So one of my most successful buys from Amazon till now! I bought this pillow when I had immense back issues. See, most of my days are month are sitting at the desk. So it was only about time that in 3 years I screwed over my back completely because of my hunched back posture. And while all I required was to move around more and better my posture  – I was looking for something that would help me improve it.

Going through multiple sites and products I zeroed in on this particular one. Going by the reviews I had no doubt in my mind but it seemed a little pricey then. But after I bought it I can say it’s worth every penny! I have been using it for over 6 months now and have convinced almost 5 people in my office to buy the same product since!


  1. Gives good support to lower back.
  2. Improves sitting posture
  3. The structure is light and breathable enabling the material to not heat up even with extensive use
  4. Memory Foam provides good cushion and retracts back to normal position once you get up
  5. Works well for even the High back boss chairs
  6. The back strap keeps the pillow in place and doesn’t let it slip
  7. Comes in 2 lively colors


  1. Takes up quite a bit of room from the chair, so not advisable for small chairs.


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Manifesting the Dream Job Offer!

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.”

I have been a huge fan of the Law of Attraction for a while now. It has got me through some of the most stickiest, toughest of times. The Law of Attraction entered my life in the time when I needed it the most; when I was vulnerable and lost. And there are many many stories I would enjoy sharing here today of those times. But we’ll keep that for another set of talks. Today I want to talk about how I have fun with the Law of Attraction now and manifest everything I want – just by believing that I already have it! That’s some really clean thought.

So one of them many fun things I have done with the help of LOA is manifest one of the best job offers till date. This was during the time I was feeling really bored with my job. I didn’t feel like there was any challenge left in the job, no spark. So I got to thinking – what if I got a job offer right now from one of the big firms of my industry? Sure doesn’t seem like a big thing to manifest but what you need to know is that at that time I had been working with my company only 7 Months! That’s it! That was my entire work experience. But that was the whole point of it. To imagine the unthinkable and make it happen!

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