Manifesting the Dream Job Offer!

“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.”

I have been a huge fan of the Law of Attraction for a while now. It has got me through some of the most stickiest, toughest of times. The Law of Attraction entered my life in the time when I needed it the most; when I was vulnerable and lost. And there are many many stories I would enjoy sharing here today of those times. But we’ll keep that for another set of talks. Today I want to talk about how I have fun with the Law of Attraction now and manifest everything I want – just by believing that I already have it! That’s some really clean thought.

So one of them many fun things I have done with the help of LOA is manifest one of the best job offers till date. This was during the time I was feeling really bored with my job. I didn’t feel like there was any challenge left in the job, no spark. So I got to thinking – what if I got a job offer right now from one of the big firms of my industry? Sure doesn’t seem like a big thing to manifest but what you need to know is that at that time I had been working with my company only 7 Months! That’s it! That was my entire work experience. But that was the whole point of it. To imagine the unthinkable and make it happen!


So I started figuring out how to go about it. And that is the key! To understand what is it that you can do to align yourself with what you want. It can not be something you read off another person’s experience or some suggestion you got from a friend or colleague. It has to be something that suddenly comes to you and puts you straight in line with the frequency of believing it, so that you can now manifest it! So I started with the typical applying for jobs, following companies and people on LINKEDIN. But that wasn’t doing anything for me. So here’s another thing that you need to do to get what you want. You need to initiate it. You need to tilt the energy towards what you want. So I went ahead and messaged the top most execute on my list(who has agreed to accept my invite!) of the company that I wanted to get into and asked for his reference. That day was like KABOOM! The wheels started to turn so fast!

The same day I got a reply from the gentleman and it was such a humble one wherein he readily agreed to pass on my resume to his colleague who would be heading my department. I thanked him a ton(another important step in the game of LOA – be thankful) and shot him my resume that very instant! And to my utter delight I got an interview with HR scheduled for the following weekend. Then on began a series of serious and really positive interviews with different levels of the management. And from these interviews I was pretty sure that I was going to get in(another important step – Believe it’s already yours!). So I wanted to speed the process along and was wondering what I could do to make my belief into tangible reality. And then it suddenly hit me! Something that I had seen in the secret movie!

I decided – the best way to get what I wanted was to write a check to myself for the first salary, which would be the amount that I wanted them to offer me. So simple! It was plain genious! So I got my check book out, drafted a check to myself for exactly the date of  next month with the exact amount my first salary would be according to the offer I was expecting. And I made the check out to be from this company! And Viola! In just 2 short weeks not only did I receive the offer (the exact same one I visualised) but I was begged to join them. ME! A punny 7 month old girl to a giant in my field for over 40 years! Gosh was that a rush! And all this because I wanted to see if I could do it(another important thing to remember – Always have fun with it, never make practicing the law a stressful task).

And that my friends is how I manifested the biggest job offer of my career till date. I still carry that check in my wallet to remind me of what my thoughts and intentions are capable of. Although I never took the offer and decided to stay with my own company, I manifested something awesome after that too. Wait till you read the next post 😉

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