Karan Johar’s Outlook

This guy is way out of my circle and not being one for gossip and drama(all the things Karan Johar) I don’t really follow him. But reading his opinion in today’s Times Life edition I was surprised at the clear headed guy that he is!


“Build Yourself  Up Internally,” he says.

Don’t allow people to get to you. Your life is all about you. Some days, you are going to be alone. Other days, your immediate family will be your support system. But don’t expect too much from people. Expectations equal disappointment. Try and build yourself up internally. Attain strength, and see to it that you are self-driven. Once you achieve that, you will be the happiest person in the world. Some people chant, other go for Art of Living courses, personally, I seek my inner strength and the teachings and beliefs of my father. That has helped me. I lived by his emotional legacy, more than anything else.


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